The Case Of The Missing Mac Pro

First, what I think happened with the Mac Pro was deeply disturbing. The cylinder design was/is a beautiful design! But I can’t help but feel like this is the Cube all over again. Unfortunately for us creative pro’s, the cylinder wasn’t introduced with an escape hatch, like the Cube.  With the G4 Cube release, we at least got the option to buy the Powermac G4 with the traditional PC tower design. I believe if Apple would’ve employed this strategy, as this method would’ve provided a choice. I believe this problem would’ve been completely avoided.

Instead, we weren’t given an option or choice to purchase the more practical design. What we wanted was a cheese grater or anything resembling a traditional PC-style box, with the most current Xeon chips, GPU’s and updated IO. That is all we wanted! You could’ve sold the cylinder in smaller quantities for a premium and still sold the cheese graters to the majority of the customers. You don’t have to reinvent this, just keep a design going that is loved and appreciated by a majority of your customers. With the Mac Pro, Apple could bust the cheese grater outta the basement, slap some new hardware inside and ship! It would make so many of your customers happy, and serve as a beacon of hope to the creative pro community.

I know so many people who are either considering switching to Windows and,  in some cases, already have! I know some of these people personally, and these are life long Mac users.  The interview Apple gave to Gruber and friends, at the beginning of April, was a great start! It’s definitely a message that was heard and felt throughout the community. But it doesn’t quite go far enough, and I’d say giving us a tentative timetable has made some pendants scream vaporware. I personally don’t believe that at all! I believe that Apple is going to make something great for us, what will truly surprise and delight us all! 

So in the meantime, why not just stem the tide by re-releasing the cheese grater, with at least thunderbolt 2.  If you don’t like that idea you could look at the myriad of super stellar after market cases. Some look just like something Apple might’ve or could’ve easily designed, the Bitfenix Pandora case springs to mind. I love the programable LED, why not make that an Apple logo? I’ve seen this done with Hackintosh’s and it looks amazing! A bigger version of this design would be fantastic! Pro users, like Apple, like to be in control of their own destiny!