Wait! What If Hackintosh and Clone Maker Program Were Done Right


Now let's talk about the Hackintosh, why don’t you make a version of Mac OS specifically for people who want to build their own hardware? You could charge a small premium for it, and provide updates, with no hardware support, as the Hackintosh community supports itself, as well as giving users the power to keep their own systems hardware up to date. 

Apple could even reboot the clone program, but do it right this time! Raise the price of the operating system to the clone maker, and do not license the hardware design. So, make it so clone makers can’t pay 5 bucks for Mac-OS while keeping it from turning into a race towards the bottom end of hardware. The idea is to come with something to keep it from turning into the clone program of old and a screw you to Apple. So to be clear, license the software, not the hardware, ie let them make the box however they want, and keep the price of license fair and be based on volume. This keeps the clone makers from leeching off the mac. Clone makers should have to pay more money the lower the volume, as volume increases the price could come down, or remain static which would maximize profitability and most likely lead to an increase in market share. The more people with Xcode the more apps in the App-Store.  The right deal at the right price seems like something doable and would be a massive win for Apple as a whole. This would free up Apple to focus on iOS. These moves or something like it would amazing optics for Apple! So let clone makers make whatever hardware they want, and charge them a fair price for the software, to keep from cannibalizing Apple’s share of the Mac market. But Open that thing up!

In the past, Apple had a destructive relationship with licensing, and I'm sure blame can be placed on all sides, but things change. Let these makers make whatever hardware they want, and give customers large and small the choice, just make them pay a fair price for the software, i.e. make the royalty reasonably profitable for Apple! This would provide good optics for education, enterprise, developer and last, but certainly not least, the creative markets. Also, Google and Microsoft would not see it coming, and the tech press would lose their collective minds! Again, this is because pro users like to control their own destiny, and having real choices and options would give them that. People are building their business using your hardware, don’t make them slaves to it. The more Macs in the wild, the more potential developers and the more software on all of your platforms! Also it’s much better for the brand if children in school grow up using Apple hardware. Restarting the clone program would create real competition for chrome books.