For The Love Of The iMac, Mac Mini Macbook's

By X-

On the Mac Mini, Apple just needs to stop kneecapping it. Bring back the quad core, and you’re done! Literally, that is all you have to do! People will go crazy and fall in love all over again. Throw in Thunderbolt 3 and it’s a done deal, no new fancy design required. Speed bumps, just speed bump all of the things! As frequently as possible!


On the notebook front this is a bit more like the Mac Pro situation, yet, is even more divisive. On the one hand, you have the 12 inch MacBook, and the other hand, 13 inches and 15 inch MacBooks Pro. Neither one of these computers was a true successor to either’s predecessor. Again, this should’ve been handled like the Cube. Now at this point, I think the best course of action is to make a new MacBook Pro and rename the current MacBook Pro to the MacBook Executive or something. The touch bar in its current implementation is superfluous and looks like an omission of guilt that the Mac doesn’t have touch. Touch Id on the Mac is brilliant, and the rest of the touch bar could turn out to be something truly transformative, but at this point, it is little more than a joke. Lay off it or do something radical, we have iOS already. iOS could be a fantastic computer for everyone and I mean everyone, pros and schmos alike. Given enough time, developers and Apple figure will figure out even more clever uses, and hopefully build the features, and options everyone needs. Back to Macbooks and the touch bar, I think for everyone to take it seriously it's going to need to make its way to the desktop in some way or it’s not going to catch.


If I were Apple I’d bring back the 17 inch MacBook Pro, not make it any thinner or lighter, use the 2010 unibody design, and give us modern IO, Touch-ID no touch bar, removable batteries, and Magsafe! I know it sounds ridiculous on the face, but this product or something like it, pro's would buy! Keep all of the existing skews if you want, but make a viable option for creative pro’s who still want or need to use a powerful Mac to get work done. Apple you wouldn’t even have to hold an event and you would be back at the cool kids' table. I think it was also a mistake to stop updating the MacBook Air before the price on the MacBook came down enough to fill in that price gap. As for performance, the MacBook is still behind the MacBook Air, yet it cost more, has less IO, and is less powerful. Also, a brand new display that works with the pro laptops and the pro desktops and even as a second monitor for the iMac.

I feel like the iMac is awesome, but could use some tweaks! I say a few minor things, but who knows they could be major, but I will say I think that you're mostly on the right path with this machine. I hear there is a pro option in the works, and I'm hoping it'll truly be a pro machine. Upgradable GPU's in the iMac would be fantastic! Digital Storm makes an all in one PC called the "Aura" that is fully upgradable! I would love an iMac Pro, that's like this! The Aura is nice, but I'd like it better if it ran Mac OS. It would also attract more of the gaming crowd and again this is similar to the Hackintosh community in that the optics are good, and it'll most likely grow market share for the mac. It would also be a way to get Mac OS into the schools. Microsoft's acquisition of Minecraft is starting to look more and more like a hammer! Sure it runs on a mac, but education edition is free with Windows S. Coming from a kid who was in a computer lab full of macintoshes, it matters. I would also like to reiterate and emphasize on bringing the touch bar or at least touch ID to the desktop. That bit of kit might turn out to be something truly special!

Not telling you what to do, just calling it like I see it.