My Wish Lists For All IOS Devices


In IOS land, I just want to ask; have you seen what Microsoft is doing with the surface line? Apple you need to make a 27 or 28 inch iPad Pro! At least a 15 inch or 17 inch but we need a super powerful iPad! I want an iPad Pro that rivals what you can do on an iMac or Mac Pro even. Microsoft is doing this, albeit poorly, but none the less doing it! 

Pen tracking is still not as good as the Apple Pencil, but that’s only true until it's not. Meaning, Microsoft will continue to improve and they’re no longer standing still. Also, it’s time to start differentiating or bifurcate iOS. This is already being done, as Watch OS is already based off of iOS, same with TVOS. So why not give the iPad Pro its own version of the operating system, that allows drag and drop, to be able to run apps outside the sandbox so to speak, so side loading and access to the file system would be ideal! Users want control over their apps, devices, and above all else their data! Some level of mouse support would be soaked up like a sponge! Apology mouse, would love an apology iPad!

I’m only saying this for the iPad Pro’s only! Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X need to be on iOS. Not like what Adobe did with its apps on iOS but, why is Microsoft making better productivity apps for iOS than Apple? Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and Garageband are all fine, but they’re not as good as the Mac counterparts. Not to mention some are just straight up missing from the lineup. Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro, need to be on iOS. Also, Xcode needed to be on iOS yesterday, however, I’m hoping that's becoming closer to a reality as Apple acquired workflow recently. 

Apple TV, make the damned deals already and make a better remote. We also could use an update to the Airport router, either make it mesh or a combination of mesh router slash Siri home hub type device. On the iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple Watch you’re doing great keep up the good work! What would you like to see Apple do with iPad and iOS? Would you like to see support for hardware, or would you rather see support for Pro Apps like Final Cut and Logic?