Dear Apple, A Letter From A Creative Pro User of Mac Pro 

Let me start by saying that, I love the Mac! The macintosh was the first computer I ever used. In my elementary school, we had a computer lab that was full of macs! I went on to inherit a power macintosh 5400 and I loved that computer! It was old even when it was first given to me, but I used it side by side with my built to order Gateway computer, running Windows XP. After using windows as my primary operating system for several years, aka the beginning and end of my teenage years, I longed for something different again, something that was more aesthetically me! All of this time I’d spend on windows, I’d venture onto, and browse at the beautiful boxes that were way out of my 14 year old price range. So I did what any sensible nerd would do, and I installed linux, Red Hat 9 to be exact. I crashed that box numerous time, trying to make it look and feel like OS X and still be as functional as a Windows machine. 

Flash forward a few years, and after starting my professional music career on Windows, I now had enough money to buy a secondhand Mac. I bought my first Mac capable of running OS X from, and it was a 1.25GHZ G4 iMac. I loved that computer, but compared to my Dell XPS 400 running Windows XP, and using old sonic foundry software, I was still able to make music! The original reason for purchasing the G4 iMac, was so that we had a super cheap way of running our backing tracks on stage. It also looked cool. So many laptops, being used on stage we decided that desktop would be even cooler. Any who I digressed a little, but the takeaway here is that, I was able to buy a Mac at an affordable price, to get real work done! At this point Apple had already switched to intel, and from the outside looking in, seemed like the most seamless processor transition ever witnessed! It also destroyed all my reasons to buy hardware from Dell. 


As I reacquainted myself with the aesthetics of the Mac, I marveled at how elegant the Mac operating system was without sacrificing power, and capability! They felt fun to use, and I genuinely felt joy while using them. I still do! I also was in awe of their ability to focus, and make the best machines for the best task. True not every Mac or Apple product was right for everyone, but they did have a solution for everything, so there ended up being something for everyone, depending on what segment of the market you occupied! The consumers had iMac’s and iBooks, and the pro’s had PowerMacs and Powerbooks, and after intel we had iMac, MacBook, and Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro. There were also moonshots, or divisive products, like the Cube, but Apple kept selling the standard G4 Power Mac tower. We have now reached a point where Apple is not servicing everyone it could, which is also known as, leaving money on the table. Seriously. Myself and others are just waiting to give you money for the products we actually want and need, but we won’t wait forever. We can’t! 

As of today, I’m sticking with you Apple, and I’m sticking with the Mac. I don’t want this to come off as “me telling you what to do” or barking out orders, but I care, which is why I had to write this. In a series of posts, I’m going to lay things out as I see it, and offer my opinion on what other users like myself want. These will be some of the issues, concerns, and suggestions myself and others in the community have already voiced online. I’ll also say that I am not in any danger of completely switching but the last three and half years have given me some reasons to pause and really think. Do I really want to spend another 5 to 10 years using Apple hardware and software to help me create, is Apple going look after the platform? So, to reiterate I am sticking with you Apple, but I am keeping an eye on Microsoft now. Please don’t let me down Apple, I’d really hate to go back to Windows.