WWDC Turned Up To 11!

By Xtian-

So many things announced at WWDC! Out of the things on my wish list, I got most of what I was after! Also as a “This Is Spinal Tap” fan, I was hoping someone would make the reference! The iOS 11 features for the iPad, look amazing! I can’t begin to express, how excited I am to use the new files app, I am super tempted to install a beta! 

Mac OS High Sierra, in true Snow Leopard fashion Apple seems to be taking a refinement approach! I am glad, as Sierra had some real stability issues. Auto-pause for video in Safari looks awesome. I can especially appreciate Apple, helping to keep my browsing history from being tracked. All too often I’ve bought a guitar, and still see ad’s for the same guitar! Being that I’m primarily a guitar player, the demo hit super close to home for me! I like the improvements to photos, and am actually going to give it a shot this Fall. More on this as I know more.

In iOS land, I couldn’t have been more surprised! The new multi-tasking and Files app look amazing! I honestly felt like this day would never happen, but leave it to Apple to surprise and delight! I can’t wait until iOS11 ships! The improvements to the dock, look brilliant and remind me so much of the Mac! The addition of drag and drop, wow! Just wow, not in a million years, did I actually believe Apple would do this! I am beyond overjoyed if this works the way I suspect it will. To me now iOS is now a real contender for a full-fledged operating system! From the slides, it looks like it might be all the best parts of Finder on the Mac. It looks amazing and feels like a different version of iOS just for the iPad Pro and I love that! All of this and a redesigned control center, to which I am super stoked to try!

In hardware land, I got the updates to the iPad Pro I wanted and then some! I can’t wait to get my hands on one to experience the new refresh rate. The Mac stuff was beyond impressive! I loved the iMac Pro, although I am still waiting for the iMac Pro as if they can make an iMac with 18 cores, imagine a Mac Pro with dual processor 36 core system. Also i5 and i7 options in the MacBook, and a price reduction on the 13-inch Pro, and Kaby Lake processor upgrades across the line. Hurray for speed bumps, even the MacBook Air, even got a clock boost. Wow! I feel like Apple’s commitment to desktop and mobile computing is strong! Home Pod looks interesting but I really want to hear this thing before I get excited.

The stuff I didn’t get, for starters no new changes to iCloud storage pricing. No mouse support on iPad. Not really sure if any major improvements were made to Siri, also no “Hey Siri” on the Mac yet. No pro apps, like Logic, Final Cut, and Xcode. No standalone podcast app and iTunes is still iTunes, although significant changes to the Apple music side, as I really love the service! Can’t wait to try it when it’s released! I also didn’t get a new 17 inch MacBook Pro, with all of the ports. No return to Magsafe either.

All in all, this was by far one of my favorite WWDC keynotes to date! It ranks right up there with some of the other monumental keynotes! This truly felt like a love letter to the iPad and Mac and the future of Apple! I think things are going to be just fine, as it looks like Apple is stepping on the gas, and not resting on the past, but sprinting towards the future! Apple you knocked it outta the part, and I can’t wait to use this stuff, and see what you do next! I'll do a deeper analysis of the what was released over the coming weeks. In the meantime let me know what your thoughts! What did you love, and what did you hate about this years WWDC! Email or comment below!