Apple Watch Series 3 Makes The Watch an Official Must Have!

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By Xtian

I cannot express how excited I am that Apple finally brought cellular to the Apple Watch! For so long it has been my hope and quest to use this in place of a phone in so many situations! There have been times I’ve wanted to give my phone to my spouse to use for the day when her’s is busted, or leave a phone for family or a friend that may be visiting. Being that we no longer have a landline it’s kind of a pain in the bum when someone needs to use a phone but didn’t have or bring theirs with them. I know who doesn’t have a phone these days, but rest assured those people are out there, and we love them just the same. I digress, but getting back on track lets look at what there is to love about the Apple Watch Series 3!

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First off it has cellular! Of course this is a optional as they have a version of the same watch minus the cellular capabilities and it’s sold for slightly less. It also has updated chips and a slightly bigger battery that makes the back domed glass infinitesimally bigger. I would like to point out that yes there have a been android wear watches with cellular but all of them looked like house arrest bands. They were big, thick, clunky and ugly. They also got terrible battery life if you actually used them. Its unclear if Apple’s new cellular watch will suffer from terrible battery life, but if they can deliver on the promises they made during the keynote, then we should experience the same acceptable level of battery life for the Series 3 Watch. 

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Second on my list is the new heart rate monitoring functions, that will alert you if your heart rate is unusually high. Basically, the watch learns about you over time by using accelerometers and gyroscope to tell if you’re moving or not. This way it learns when you’re active and when you’re not and can tell if you’re just sitting and resting or if you’re moving and or exercising. So the idea is if you’re just sitting there watching some Netflix and all of a sudden your heart rate shoots up it will alert you! My hope is that this can be set up to alert a doctor or family member that something is wrong! I really think this feature can truly save lives! I honestly feel like health much like fitness is the right audience and fit for any smartwatch, they’re even doing a heart study which makes me feel they’re taking health seriously and thinking about FDA approval to make a real medical device.

Not really directly related to Watch Series 3 but it has to do with Apple keeping the pressure on the smartwatch market, and that's them keeping the Series 0 around or the original Apple watch and lower the price to something that’s an easier to stomach purchase. As it goes the original Apple watch is great if you’ve always had your phone close by! I love replying to text messages with the scribble feature, and the updates starting with WatchOS3 made it a must wear every day for me. So keeping all of the previous models around Apple is poised to bring in, even more, people to buy Apple watch. I suspect that Apple will sell a lot of them this holiday season but I think that a lot of buyers will opt for one of the previous generations, as smartwatches are in the place where tablets were a few years ago as people still aren’t convinced they need it.

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With moves like these and advancements at this level, I feel Apple is not only ahead and at the forefront of understanding and developing the smartwatch market! I hope they keep this momentum going forward, I can’t wait to see what’s next for Apple Watch! I know I’ll be adding the Series 3 watch to my Christmas list! How about you? Are you planning on getting a series 3 or one of the previous generations? Let me know in the comments of which on and why!

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