The iPhone 8 Not The X is the phone for me!

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By Xtian

So we have new iPhones and as usual, they’re beautiful! This year was a bit different in that Apple unveiled not one new phone but two! They skipped the iPhone 7S and the 7S Plus and went straight to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. They also released iPhone X (Ten), which we’re not going to talk about today. Instead, I wanted to take the time to talk about the 8 and 8 Plus as that’s the model I am most interested in and I suspect that the general public of iPhone buyers will most likely buy an 8 or 8 Plus. 

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It’s not just because of price either but let's dive in a bit deeper to understand why someone would buy 8 or 8 Plus rather than spend more for the X.

To start the 8 and 8 Plus keep Touch ID! This feature is so nifty and so ingrained with how I use my phone that it would take a non-trivial amount of time for me to retrain my brain and habits around locking and unlocking my phone. It’s so drilled into my way of interacting with my phone its hard to see ever getting used to FaceID which Apple claims is even more secure than Touch ID but it still doesn’t help me unlock my phone from inside my pocket. It’s beyond convent for me to unlock and lock my phone this way! Being that the 8 retains Touch ID this is a nod in that direction from the start. Touch ID is the one feature on iOS that I wish would be on every mac! Unlocking with the watch or Touch ID on the mac has been glorious to use! 

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The camera in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus saw substantial improvements and gave me yet another reason to believe in the promise of computational photography! Looking at the improvements that the iPhone team make to a phone camera every year leaves me stunned! I used to own a bunch of points and shoot pocket camera’s but since iPhone 5 I decided it was time to update my phone more often than I do my point and shoots. 

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I am also beyond impressed with Apple’s chip designs! The growth in performance every single year makes me feel like there isn’t a limit to how much computational power Apple can fit into your pocket. It’s also the same chip that’s in the iPhone X, which is a six-core monster and it’s even beat the MacBook’s Intel chip in benchmarks. True benchmarks aren’t everything and riddled with caveats and weird variables but it’s at least worth note that Apple's chip designers are some of the most talented chip designers in the world! They also announced the first device from Apple to feature an in-house custom designed GPU! Being that Apple owns the whole stack they are able to make not only performance gains but power efficiency. 

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They also changed the design so now there is glass on the front and back. It looks beautiful but it is also functional as having a glass back makes it feel more grip-able and allows for Apple to finally bring wireless charging to the iPhone! I know this is yet another capability that Android phones have had for a while but it’s new to iPhone and as an iPhone user I am glad to finally see it on the platform. 

Despite the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus looking similar to past phones, the design looks amazing yet refreshingly new! If you’re a person who wants a better camera, better chip, wireless charging and nicer design that keeps Touch ID, get the 8! If you want to have where Apple is going tomorrow, by all means, buy the X but honestly the 8 seems to be the phone for the masses, this old nerd included! Let me know in the comments which phone are you planning to buy and why?

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