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Welcome to our people page!! Here you will find a short intro to our writers and podcasters.  This page will be updated regularly to reflect new writers and hosts as they join us.  If you’d like to send a message to one of our people, please use the contact form and put their name in the subject line. Thank you and enjoy!

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Lady Destro

You all know me as Jeanine…but, my alter-ego, LadyDestro, is the mind where these reviews come from. Allow me to introduce you… LadyD-Everyone…Everyone-LadyD…

Good day!! My name is LadyDestro. I am a musician.  I play musical instruments. I do production work, and I’m an all around music lover. I went to college in the late 90’s to get into the industry and later decided to take a different path before coming back to music. I love music of all kinds and hold a certain respect for any and all musicians. I am also a mom of two energetic, intelligent, and amazing kids and I'm a wife to a brilliant, handsome, and talented man. I work hard and I work long hours and I could not do it without the support and love of my family. 

I've been blessed in life with amazing people and amazing things. As an artist, I understand what it’s like to put yourself out there to your peers. As a mom and a wife, I realize the importance of quality in all things but I also understand being economically sound. I’m not a negative person, but I do believe in constructive criticism.  I am here to provide my opinion on what you send me and what I've used. If you send me music to review, please make sure you are the owner or representative for that music. If it's a product you want reviewed, please allow ample time for me to test it out if I have not already. Thanks for your contributions in advance and thanks for reading! 

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Eliza Fox

My name is Eliza. I am a (fairly) young mom of some pretty awesome kids. They are wild, intelligent, messy, and beautiful in every way. I am not the perfect mother and will never claim to be. I do my best for my babies and raise them to do their best. I am bringing them up to be open-minded, non-judgemental, self reliant, and caring human beings. Sometimes that means not always fitting the traditional ideals of motherhood. Sometimes that means not letting them get their way or having them figure something out for themselves. And I’m ok with that… I was raised to be independent and so will they. I love them and they love me and I’m raising them right for them and for me. My name is Eliza and I am a Millennial mom.

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Kitty Lane

Hi everybody!! My name is Kitty Lane.  I’m a single, young woman in the prime of my life and nothing is holding me back! I’m an executive by day and a diva by night. I’m really an overly upbeat and giddy person but when it comes to things that make my blood boil, I’ve got a lot to say and I can’t hold it in!  

It could be about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!  Sometimes you just need to vent, complain, or bitch and moan, if you will. I make no apologies for my opinions and thoughts and welcome you to provide feedback, no matter how you feel. I may not always be “right” but this is MY opinion, no one else’s… Welcome to my soapbox! <3



My name is Xtian, aka X and welcome to my world of tech.  Over the years, I have owned numerous types of tech gear and I am always looking at new products.  I usea ton of audio production gear and a bunch of consumer tech, mostly Apple stuff. I am here to tell you what I like and why I like it.  It is based on my experiences and opinions.  Maybe you will agree, maybe you won’t. Maybe you will learn something, maybe you won’t. I just like what I like and I am sharing it with you.